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World’s easiest updo

One of my good friends thought me this super simple up do last summer. Ever since, it has been my go-to up do since it is done in 1 minute and you only need one hair band (and possible 2 bobbypins) for this! :) And you don’t need to be a hair stylist in order to do this, that’s how simple it is. I think this works the best on a day after you’ve had curls but you can defienetly do it also just with straight hair. If I do this with straight hair I need to always back-comb my hair a little bit from the top because my hair is so fine. With thick hair or natural curls this is not necessary.

1. Start by having your part in the middle.
2. Place the hair band on top of your hair.
3. Take a small part of your hair from the side and start twisting it. Tuck it under the head band. Repeat this on the other side and finally also in the back.

Boom! Done! And you got yourself a up do! :)  If needed, place 2 bobby pins on each side in the back pointing down in order to keep the head band from moving. Also if you feel that you twisted the hair too tight you can always loosen the up do a little by just pulling the hair from the spots it’s too tight.

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