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Salmon Appetizer

This recipe I got from my good friend. I have shared his recipes before, like the tzatziki and the goat cheese appetizer. He always has great idea’s and it’s always so much fun to cook with him!

This recipe is great because you can serve this as an appetizer, cocktail snack or an amouse bouche. If you don’t slice them in to small pieces you can even use this recipe just to make delicious sandwiches for yourself! :) These are so yummy and totally worth trying!

Here are the ingredients:

Dark Bread (best is dark sweet and sour rye bread that in Finland is called Saaristolaisleipä check out a recipe for it here)

Philadelphia Cream Cheese




Pepper mix with 4 different peppers (this is my favourite)

Fresh Dill





1. Place 3 slices of bread side by side.

2. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on first 2 slices, grind some pepper on top, place slices of gravlax on them along with some dill.

3. Place a thin lemon slice (without the peel) on the first slice, sprinkle little bit sugar on top and finally a piece of lettuce.

4. On the second slice, place thin slices of avocado on top of the dill and salmon.

5. Top both first 2 slices with a layer of mayonnaise.

6. Now finish the sandwich by piling the slices on top of each other, putting the one slice that has nothing on, on the top.

7. Squeeze the sandwich gently together. Place toothpicks on the bread (4-9 pieces depending on how small you want the snacks to be). Then slice the sandwich with a very sharp and big knife. The trick of getting nice looking slices is to use a similar technique than cutting sushi rolls: You need to have your knife wet. So before making the first slice, rinse the knife under cold water. Do this before making each one of the cuts.

You don’t need to serve these immediately, you can prep them little bit before serving. If you do so, remember to squeeze some lemon juice on the avocados to prevent them from getting brown.

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