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Make-up tutorial Step 1/7 Contouring

In this picture we have applied the lowlights and higlights. After this you still need to blend and set the contour.

Contouring will make a huge difference on how your make-up looks. I would use this definitely during the times I would like to put little bit more effort on my make-up (and when I have the time to do so :D).

You need:

Foundation stick that is significantly lighter than the color on your foundation you use to your entire face. This step is done to highlight and bring out your bones.  I used Bobby Brown warm ivory no 1 foundation stick.

Bronzing Powder or Cream Bronzer for low lights. This step is done to “push an area inward” and to enhance the look of the highlights. I used MAC pro sculpting cream coffee walnut.

Powder to set the contouring. Any powder you prefer that is little bit lighter than your normal shade. I used MAC Select sheery pressed NC 25.

Another Powder that you would normally use on your entire face. This is used in the final step on top of the low lighted areas.

Blending Brush for blend the highlights and lowlights and possibly other brushes depending on the make-up you are using.

Start the contouring with highlights.

Apply the make-up you have chosen for doing your highlights to the following areas

1)      T-zone

2)      Drawing a line from the inner corner of your eye down to the bottom of your nose and making a triangle going to the outside of your eye. Repeat both sides. Make sure you customize especially this part according to your needs. I have a wide nose so I need to bring the concealer closer to the center line of my nose to make my nose look thinner. You can see the difference in the picture below.

3)      Draw a line between your nose and upper lip

4)      Chin

5)      Jaw line

6)      Inside corner of your eyes

7)      Above your brow bone

8)      On your eyelids

This picture demonstrates perfectly the idea of contouring. Here you can see one the right picture that the highlighting area on my cheeks is too far away from the nose and makes my nose look huge. Where as in the picture on the left side the highlighing is closer to the nose and I have also applied the low lights so the nose clearly appears thinner.

Continue with the low lights.

Apply the make-up you have chosen for doing your lowlights to the following areas

1)      Under your cheekbone a line from close to your ear all the way until the same line as the outer corner of your eye.

2)      Right under your lip

3)      Under your jaw line, under the highlight line.

4)      Your temple areas (the sides of the head behind your eyes)

5)      On the hairline on your forehead. This is especially important for people with high forehead!

6)      Clean thin line on both sides of the highlight on the center of your nose. Be careful with this one! The line has to be straight. Otherwise it might look like your nose is crooked.

7)      On top of your eye lid in the crease under your brow bone.

Now is time to do the blending:

Blending the contour with a larg blending brush

1)      With a large blending brush start to do big circular strokes blending the contouring outwards from the middle of your face. Leaving the nose for last!

2)      When blending the contouring on your nose, bring the brush down the bridge of the nose and blend out.

3)      The goal is to blend the contouring enough that you cannot see the lines and it is not obvious that you have contoured but not too much so that everything blends together and there is no purpose anymore doing the whole process.

4)      If you feel the nose area blended too much you can always add little more highlighting in the end.

Final step in contouring is setting it.

1)      Apply your powder (the lighter shade) with a large brush by pressing the powder lightly on the skin.

2)      Remember to set the make-up on your eye lids also.

3)       Finally use your usual powder tone in the low lighting spots and on your neck.

Here you can see what it looks like once the enitre contour step is completed.

Now you are ready to move on to the next step: Make up tutorial Step 2/7 Applying blush and bronzer.

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