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Home-made Juice

I think home-made juice tastes awesome. I’ve always liked home-made juices better than the ones you get from the store. After I had a dinner conversation with my friends about how the industrial juices are made I can’t even drink the store juices at all. No matter if it’s labeled  “freshly squeezed”, it’s still pretty gross…

Anyways.. :) Here is one good juice recipe! For home-made juices I recommend having a good juicer. I use one from Philips. It’s great because you can even toss in a whole apple and you will get nice smooth juice without pulp.

For this juice I used:

1 whole Pineapple

3 Apples

7 Oranges

1 cup of Cranberries

I just tossed all ingredients one by one to the juicer.


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