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Holiday Season Dinner Menu

Now that the holiday season is upon us it is time to start planning what to serve when friends and family come over for holiday dinners. Nordic Style Magazine food bloggers Anne and Veera created a delicious holiday season dinner menu for our readers.  We will be posting one recipe of the dinner menu per day for the up coming 2 weeks.


Here you can see the entire dinner menu:


Selection of Cheeses

Sweet and Sour Rye Bread

Date Bread

Slices of Pickles with Honey Ginger Dip

Smoked Meat Dip


Main Course

Stuffed Chicken and Rise


Bacon with Brussels Sprouts

Grape Jelly



Chocolate Mousse Gingerbread Cake

Gingerbread Cookies



Warm Christmas Punch

We hope you enjoy the holidays and our simple but delicious dinner menu!

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