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1. How did you create your blog/How did you design your page?

I’m using Prophoto as the base tool for my blog. For the design I used a ready template from That’s kinda cool which I customized myself to fit my needs. I was able to buy the design from ProPhoto site. You can see the original template by clicking here. I was using Adobe Photoshop for customizing the elements to prep them in order to upload them to ProPhoto (logo, call to action buttons etc. elements that I would have not been able to change just in ProPhoto). Actually for the customization phase I owe a big thank you to my friend Henry Ahokas who had enough patience to guide me in using Photoshop to get started and working with me with the things that were too challenging for a beginner. Now added to creating a web site I’m learning to use this great tool and I’m loving it! So thank you Henry for all your support! You were my rock during this process! :)

2. You said in your “About me” page that you have never been following any blogs before you started your own. How did you get the idea of writing a blog?

That’s sort of funny story. I would have never ever thought about writing a blog if it would have not been for my friend Michelle Lange. During a dinner conversation she just kind of casually suggested to me that “why don’t you start writing a blog”. My first reaction was “I don’t know if it’s for me, I have never been reading blogs and what would I even write about?” After talking about it for a while I got the idea for my blog. And now here we are and I’m actually loving it! I get to work with all the things I love: photography, writing, food, clothing, beauty and some technical stuff as well! :D As it turned out creating the site was not that piece of cake…hahah but I’m loving to learn new things and more than that loving the challenge!! So thank you Michelle! You are such an inspirational and talented person. Without you this would have never got started!  You can see Michelle’s beautiful own blog by clicking here.

3. Why are some measurement units different in your recipes? In some recipes they are in cups and sometimes in decilitres (dl)?

I have friends (and readers of the blog) from all over the world and same thing with my recipes. This means that my original recipes that I’ve learned or created have also had different units in them. So I was thinking about changing the units so that I would be just using the US or metric system but then I decided that it’s only fair that everybody gets to use familiar measurements sometimes so I’m now publishing the recipe always in its original form. Nowadays everybody has smart phones with converting apps, or the ability to use google so I figured this is not a problem. Despite of that I still thought I would attach here a little conversion table for your quick reference.

1 U.S. gallon = 3.85 litres
1 qt = 4 cups = 0.25 gallon = 9.63 dl
1 pint = 16 U.S. fl. oz. = 4.73 dl
1 liquid pint = 2 cups = 4.73 dl
1 cup = 8 U.S. fl. oz = 2.37 dl  (2dl+1 tbs+1 tsp)
1 U.S. fluid ounce (U.S. fl. oz.) = 29,6 ml=2 tbs

Tablespoons and teaspoons are the same size everywhere (believe me this was one questions also.) 1 tablespoon (tbs) is same as 3 teaspoons (tsp).

1tbs = 15 ml

1tsp = 5 ml

1dl= 100ml = 0,42 cup (roughly 7 tbs!)

I definitely recommend using a measuring cup for all your measurements (tablespoons and teaspoons incl). Especially with spoons it matters because if you are using just a regular spoon to measure your ingredients you might get totally different amount since there is a huge difference in the capacity between spoons depending on where and who made it. So stick go a measuring cup that has all the units in it and you will have the most accurate measurements.

4. I saw a recipe of Apple Pancakes on your blog. Could I use a pancake mix instead of the ingredients you have and just add the apple? Wouldn’t that be quicker too?

Well of course you can if you want but I would not recommend that. Even though I want to prepare food fast, my dishes contain only
“pure” ingredients and cooking from scratch. There are few things why I prefer it this way. First of all the food just tastes so much better like that ;) Second it is more healthier this way and you know exactly what you are putting in your mouth. Also I want to write my recipes this way so everybody has the possibility to recreate the dish at home no matter where they are. (I have noticed during living abroad that the selection of spices and ready mix foods is very different depending on the country.)

5. Can I use light products like cream cheese, sour cream etc. rather than the ones you have mentioned in your recipe?

Again of  course you can if you want. I prefer using real butter, real cream etc. just because I’ve noticed that even a single little ingredient can affect on the end result a lot. Often times in the “light” products the flavour or the consistency is different compared to the original one. This applies not just light products but other ones too. For example if I specify “Mascarpone cheese” (for example philadelphia has more salt in it) it’s good to use that at least the first time you make the dish just that you know what the food is supposed to taste like. So if you end up using a let’s say margarine instead of butter or olive oil (some times they have a very strong flavour) instead of canola oil, be aware that it might affect to the flavour or/and consistency of your food.

6. Why do you write in English if you are not native English speaker?

I thought about a lot if I would write in English or Finnish but I decided to go with English since I have so many friends around the world and I wanted to be able to share my blog with all of them. Despite of the few grammatical errors or funny expressions I might end up using…haha

7. Why do you use salt when you are baking sweets?

I have taken a few different cooking courses at Helsinki Culinary Institute and I learned there that salt brings out the natural flavour of the food. That is why in my opinion is good to use little bit salt also when baking sweet stuff. Even the sweets are this way more flavoured :)

At the same classes I actually learned also that black pepper just adds black pepper taste. Since I don’t like black pepper flavour I stopped using it in my foods :)

8. Do you get the products that you are writing about sponsored or do you buy them yourself?

Thank you for that important question. If I get products sponsored I will mention that in the end of each sponsored post. Please notice that I will not write a good review about a product simply because it was free – my reviews are always my own opinions and honest. I do not accept payment to write good things about a product. If I like something, I really do like it. And I’m not afraid to say if I don’t! I believe firmly in keeping the integrity of my blog and would never compromise my beliefs and standards for the sake of a payment.

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