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Eggs Norwegian

When I was visiting Stockholm I went to this awesome little cafe called Saturnus. The food there was phenomenal and I got a great idea for a breakfast recipe: Eggs Benedict but with salmon. They called it the “Eggs Norwegian” although I know it also goes by lots of other names like Eggs Atlantic, Eggs Royal, Eggs Benjamin etc. depending on what country you are in. Regardless of the name the dish was amazing and I ended up cooking it at home. It turned out super delicious and I can highly recommend you to try both the recipe and the cafe incase you visit Stockholm! :) Next time I’m in Stockholm I will probably enjoy all my meals at Saturnus, that’s how delicious their dishes were.

The meal consists of five components: Good quality farmers bread or ciabatta, cold smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, pouched eggs and fresh chives sprinkled on top. It is actually much less complicated than you might think. I know that mastering the hollandaise sauce and pouched eggs might seem a bit tricky if you haven’t done them before but it’s actually not that hard with few good tips. I think often people make too many special tricks with the hollandaise sauce, keep it simple and you’ll do fine. Both of these are also very quick to make which is always great with breakfast dishes. I would say the hollandaise sauce takes max 10 minutes from scratch and so does the pouched eggs. While your eggs are cooking you can prep the hollandaise sauce and you should have a delicious breakfast in your hands in not time!

For 3 portions I used the following ingredients:

Hollandaise Sauce

3 Egg Yolks

3 tbsp Water

150 g Butter



Pouched Eggs

6 Fresh Organic Eggs

Hot water


6 Slices of Cold Smoked Salmon


Fresh Chives chopped

1. Start by getting all the ingredients ready on the table. Set plates also ready so you can assemble the portions easily once everything is ready.

2. Start by cooking water for the eggs. Fill up a frying pan with water. Bring the water to boil and once it’s boiling turn it on medium heat and make sure the water is hot but not boiling when you add the eggs. Crack the eggs in a bowl and add them in the hot water by pouring them in fast. Some people use a little vinegar in the water to help to get the eggs get a better consistency but I only used water. Remember do not add salt in the water! This will prevent the eggs from keeping together. Cook for approximately 3 minutes. The cooking time depends on your eggs and if you’ve had them in the fridge or not. The perfect pouched egg has a runny yolk with a solid white and with no runny parts of the whites remaining but of course you can cook it based on your own preferences. You can estimate if your eggs are ready by lifting them up from the water with a scoop that has holes in it. Poke the egg a little and you’ll see if it looks done enough.

3. When the eggs are cooking you can prep the hollandaise sauce. I like to do my sauce in a water bath since I feel it’s harder to fail with that rather than cooking right on the stove top. I start by boiling some water in a pot. In a steel bowl mix egg yolks and water. Put the bowl on top of the boiling water pot and mix constantly, this is very important. The yolks will start to thicken very quickly. Add the butter and whisk until your sauce is smooth. Add salt to taste. Check the flavour and add salt more if needed. The amount depends on the butter you are using. Do not even dare to use margarine for this…this is a butter sauce! :)

I think the key in getting the hollandaise sauce right is that you have a good whisk, mix it constantly and that you cook it in the water bath. I know that some people tell not to use salted butter and that the butter also needs to be melted. I have used both melted butter and added cold butter in the sauce as well as salted butter and non salted butter and for me this has not changed the results. You can also add half of the butter melted and half solid. Also for getting a little twist for your sauce you could use white wine instead of the water and flavour the sauce with a drop of lemon juice and crème fraîche. Some people also say that you need to have something like lemon, vinegar, wine etc because of the acid in them but I think the sauce works also with just water. I think the sauce goes well with for example asparagus with some twists but it’s not that good with this dish.  That’s why I made a very simple hollandaise sauce without any tricks for this breakfast dish.

4. Toast your bread and spread some butter on them. Other option is to sprinkle some olive oil on them and toss them in the oven for few minutes.

5. Finally assemble your dish. Place the ready bread on the plate. Add the salmon slices, then eggs and pour some hollandaise sauce on top. Sprinkle some chives on top and serve immediately.

Hope you enjoy!

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