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Easy Shrimp Marinade

This recipe I received from professional hockey player Jonas Enlund when he created a manly summer meal for my blog :)

This is fresh tasting and easy to make.

This is Jonas’ recipe:

Sweet Chili Sauce
Canola Oil
Grated Garlic
Aromat Onion Powder

Shrimps (Normally Jonas uses fresh ones but for this event he had ready cooked ones. You can use either.)

1. Prep the marinade by mixing all the ingredients together. The quantities depend a lot on how many shrimps you have, how garlic-tasting and spicy you want it. I would start by putting 1 portion of oil, half of sweet chili sauce, sprinkle little bit onion powder and grate little bit garlic in the bowl and mix them and then check the flavour. Once you see how it’s like you can add more ingredients based on your own preferences.
2. Spread the marinade on the shrimp skewers and let them sit for an hour or so in the fridge.
3. Grill them quick and serve immediately. Make sure not to overcook the shrimps, otherwise they turn out chewy.

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