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Holiday Season Dinner Menu: Cheese Board

First item on the holiday season dinner menu was Anne’s post about Cheeses.

Cheese board is a must in Holiday Season Dinner Menu, at least for a cheese lover like me. At our dinner we had a wonderful spread of cheeses available with different flavors and textures.

I would say a selection of 4-5 different cheeses is a good amount. We served these cheeses with Sweet & Sour Rye Bread and Date Bread but you can also serve them with a cracker or plain.

My recommendations for a cheese board:

A soft cheese, like pepper spiced brie or Brousault, a triple-cream French cheese
Medium soft French Port Salut cheese which is made of cow milk
A traditional emmental
Herbed and spiced medium or hard cheeses

Please note that you can also serve cheese as a dessert…

Stay tuned for more holiday season dinner recipes!

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