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Vegetable soup with Goat Cheese

This is a super smooth tasting vegetable soup and it is quick and easy to make. Few weeks back I got a nice surprise and received the new Philips soup maker for testing from Philips Finland. I had tried this soup recipe before and now I wanted to see how it turns out with the […]

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Fresh Breakfast Juice‏

This juice turned out super refreshing and perfect for breakfast :) I love making freshly squeezed juice because I know that I get a lot of vitamins right away in the morning and also I know there is only pure fruit in it. I have used the Philips juicer and it is perfect if you want […]

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Holiday Season Dinner Menu: Grape Jelly

This jelly works perfectly with our holiday season dinner menu. It can be served with the stuffed chicken and it works perfectly also in the gravy sauce. Jelly is super easy to make and home-made grape juice makes it super tasty. When you store it in a sterlized glass jar it stores for a long […]

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Holiday Season Dinner Menu: Pickles and Dip

Next on our holiday menu is Anne’s delicious pickles and dip appetizer recipe! Pickles might feel like a very Russian thing to eat, but we in Scandinavia eat them too! They are so delicious with the right kind of dip and serve as an excellent appetizer. We thought they were a refreshing addition to a […]

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Holiday Season Dinner Menu: Date Bread

Next up on the Holiday menu is Anne’s Christmas bread aka Date Bread. Dates have never been a regular ingredient that Anne uses while cooking or baking, but for this menu she wanted to try something new and chose to bake a Date Bread. If you want to make home-made bread, this is a recipe […]

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