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Holiday Season Dinner Menu: Grape Jelly

This jelly works perfectly with our holiday season dinner menu. It can be served with the stuffed chicken and it works perfectly also in the gravy sauce. Jelly is super easy to make and home-made grape juice makes it super tasty. When you store it in a sterlized glass jar it stores for a long […]

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Holiday Season Dinner Menu: Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Next up in our Holiday Season Dinner Menu is Anne’s Bacon and Brussels Sprouts sidedish! This side dish tasted wonderful with out gravy sauce, rice and stuffed chicken! We know there are plenty of people who are not the biggest fans of brussels sprouts. If you are one of them, please try them with bacon […]

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Holiday Season Dinner Menu: World’s Best Gravy Recipe

This gravy recipe is part of the holiday season dinner menu I planned together with 52 Weeks of deliciousness blogger, Anne for the Nordic Style Magazine readers. I learned this gravy recipe from my mom and it is the best gravy I have ever tasted! The nice and rich flavour for this gravy is achieved […]

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Holiday Season Dinner Menu

Now that the holiday season is upon us it is time to start planning what to serve when friends and family come over for holiday dinners. Nordic Style Magazine food bloggers Anne and Veera created a delicious holiday season dinner menu for our readers.  We will be posting one recipe of the dinner menu per […]

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Yummy Cheddar Crusted Potatoes

We were visiting my husband’s friend’s in Minneapolis several years ago and they served these potatoes with a nice piece of steak. I immediately fell in love with the recipe and have cooked these ever since. This is a perfect side dish with pretty much everything. Great thing is that the prep time is very […]

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