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Veera’s Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are a sure sign of Christmas. I love them because they taste delicious and are very easy to make. I have 2 secret ingredients in my recipe that make them little different from typical gingerbread cookies. Check out the recipe! This is what you need: 200 g Butter 1 Cup Sugar Little Over […]

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Dreamy White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

These amazing cookies will melt in your mouth. They are easy and quick to make and they work perfectly as a sweet snack or even as a dessert. I got this recipe from my mom. We baked them today at our cabin and the whole batch was gone within minutes! :) This recipe makes 24 […]

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Super Thin Oatmeal Cookies

My mom made me these cookies the other day and I just couldn’t stop eating them :D The reason why these are so irresistable is the fudge flavor and chewy texture. These are super easy and quick to make (ready in 10min!) So I  thought I would share the recipe. 100g Butter 1dl Oats 1dl All purpose flour 1dl Sugar […]

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