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Natural Spa Body Treatment at Home

Now that I’m on a mission to detoxify my beauty regime I thought the next topic should be about body treatments since I have already covered doing a facial at home with natural and safe products. Skin is the largest organ in the body. It is one of the most important elimination organs in the body, […]

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Did you know this about drinking water?

Since I have my 3 litre per day for one month water challenge going on I thought I would share some interesting facts about drinking water. There are a lot of things about drinking water I personally didn’t know. During my water challenge I have noticed that I haven’t been drinking enough water previously. I […]

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DIY Organic Skin Care Routine

Added to our daily skin care routine it’s nice to give your skin little extra care every now and then. Now that I’m on a mission to find out the best and purest organic skin care tips I wanted to see if I could find 100% organic way to do all the main skin care […]

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Make-up removal with natural beauty products

For almost a year now I have been more and more interested in organic beauty products. While I have been writing my blog I have been getting to know the cosmetic industry better. It seems shocking that with closer examination the skin care products that are sold at spa’s and supermarkets are packed with harmful […]

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New mission: Detoxify my beauty regimen

I have always trusted blindly to the fact that cosmetic and skin care products are safe. I have also believed that if I buy my skin care products from my esthetician at the beauty salon instead of the market I know that I’m doing good for my skin. Same way as I have been lead to believe that hair […]

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