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Welcome to my Blog!

I started blogging about a year ago. My mission has been to write about style, beauty, cooking tips and recipes for those people who do not have hours to spend in their kitchen or in front of a mirror. After interviewing beauty professionals, reading articles and trying to find beauty tips I have learned that quality in beauty products matters a lot. Most beauty products we apply on our skin daily basis are packed with harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause anything from skin rash to cancer.

During the past year I have become more and more interested in chemical free, good quality organic beauty products and I have decided to start a search of the best skin care routines with the best organic products. I will not be satisfied to just believe in everything the advertisement slogans say about how some product is “natural”, “organic”, “hypo-allergic” or “not tested on animals”. Even though I want to use organic products I don’t want to jeopardize the quality of my beauty routines. I’m on a quest to actually look into the labels and find out what really are the good products to use for best results.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that beauty is something that comes inside out. It is important to take care of good quality nutrition and quality of the food. It’s pointless to think you can eat whatever as long as you care about what you put on your skin. I have never been a big fan of ready meals and fast food. I have always liked meals cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients. Now I have learned though that the quality of fresh food also matters. I have also learned that diet is a very individual thing and one size does not fit all.

I love good food. And everything about it: planning what to eat, making it, eating it, sharing it with friends &family and taking pictures of it! :) Over the course of years I’ve learned that I have less and less time to spend in the kitchen. I would still like to maintain a good quality, beautiful look and delicious flavor in the food that I cook.

That’s what I try to keep as a goal in my blog when I post about food. I want my recipes and the food that I cook to be simple, beautiful, and delicious and made with fresh ingredients. I aim to blog about recipes that are doable for busy people without the talents of a master chef.

I try to post on my blog very different variety of recipes from little baked goods to big family dinners and from day-to-day breakfast recipes to little fancier dishes that you can serve at a party or when you want to impress your friends! I’ve learned to realize that 95% of the time you need very basic dishes that are preferably quick and easy to make.

So my goal still remains the same: finding beauty tips and recipes that are easy to do with little time. The additional aspect to doing all this is to do it all without chemicals and harmful ingredients. Finding a holistic way to healthy life and looking pretty.

Hope you find my blog interesting!


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